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If Jokowi has won, why reject a fact-finding team?


IO, Jakarta – Head of the Democratic Party’s Advocacy and Legal Aid Division Ferdinand Hutahaean has formally requested the General Election Commission (KPU) to delay the announcement of the official election results originally scheduled for May 22, 2019.

According to Ferdinand, such a delay is important, as there have been many parties who believe this election is filled with fraud. “It is very important right now to avoid a national conflict. KPU, we urge you to announce a delay in the announcement of election results scheduled for May 22, 2019,” wrote Ferdinand on Twitter, Saturday (11/5).

Ferdinand stated that such a delay by KPU would allow a proper report of results of the Fact-Finding Team (TPF) concerning potential election fraud. “This should be delayed, so the election Fact-Finding Team can be formed and do its work. This is to maintain a sense of justice for everyone. Those who are in the right must be brave enough to be examined. Come on KPU – become a hero,” he continued.

Ferdinand asked everyone to support the effort, and not be afraid of what a fact-finding team might report, bearing in mind that its aim is the benefit of the entire nation.

“If Jokowi feels he has fairly won the election, then he should not be allergic or fearful about an audit by the election TPF. Same goes for the KPU, if they have worked correctly and honestly,” stated Ferdinand.

“And Prabowo should no longer feel he lost because he was cheated. Look towards the inside: has KPU been honest? Come on – let’s support a TPF,” continued the Prabowo-Sandi National Success Team (BPN) Spokesperson.

For Ferdinand, there is no reason to reject an election TPF, as it would be for the good of the nation and country.

“Jokowi, the KPU, and Prabowo do not have any excuse to reject an election Fact Finding Team. If it’s true that you all love the nation and do not just want power, then support the KPU in delaying the announcement of the election results on May 22 until the TPF finishes its job,” he concluded. (dsy)


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