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Four KPPS and one Panwascam personnel in Bali die, KPU asked for medical report


IO, Bali – The total Vote Organizer Group (KPPS) personnel in Bali who have died has now risen to four people. In addition, Sub-District Election Supervisory Committee (Panwascam) personnel, I Gede Artana (52) in Rendang, Karangasem, has died of kidney failure.

The four KPPS personnel who passed away are I Ketut Putu Suwika (38) from Pegadungan Village, Sukasada, Buleleng; I Putu Rudi Artawan from Badung; I Nengah Sumerta from Karangasem and Trismawatin (46) from East Tegalbadeng Village, Negara, Jembrana. Suwika passed away as a result of heart problems, while I Putu Rudi Artawan, was reported to have died in an accident on April 18. I Nengah Sumerta was reported to have breathing problems and passed away on April 30, 2019.

Bali Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) Head Ketut Ariyani confirmed that the Head of the Rendang Panwascam I Gede Artana had also passed away. Artana had previously experienced kidney failure and memory loss. “Yes, because his kidneys were too dry. He passed away on Sunday (12/5),” said Ariyani.

The Bawaslu and KPU are currently verifying the data related to the number of sick or dead personnel. The technical instructions were contained in circular letter No. 606/PP.05-SD/05/SJ/V/2019 of May 13, 2019, concerning the Inclusion of Medical Reports/Release Form for Beneficiary Supporting Data.

One of the aims of the letter was to ask the provincial to city/district level KPU to immediately complete their data. The data asked for were medical reports from the personnel.

The letter stated that the medical reports had to be made by the doctors who treated the patients and must at least contain the patient’s identity, diagnosis and indications, a summary of the results of  a physical and supporting examinations, final diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, as well as the name and signature of the doctor who provided health services. (Dsy)


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