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Rizal Ramli: Election fraud has been going on since 2014


IO, Jakarta – Economist Rizal Ramli has stated that the fraud committed by Jokowi Widodo’s side during the 2019 general election has been extraordinary. The fraud, which has been carried out structurally, systemically, and massively, has deeply hurt the democratic process.

Rizal stated that there were actually similar kinds of fraud during the 2014 elections, however during that the time the scale wasn’t as large and Prabowo chose to accept the results of the election despite the acts of fraud commited.  

However, currently, the fraud carried out is very worrisome and can no longer be ignored. “This time the scale of fraud carried out is massive. Before the presidential election, during the election, and after the election. What is most significant is the fake voter’s list which totals 16.5 million,” said Rizal in Grand Sahid Hotel, Central Jakarta on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

According to Rizal, Prabowo-Sandi National Success Team Media Director Hashim Djojohadikusumo had actually made a protest in relation to the findings. However, unfortunately, Hashim was ignored.

“They (KPU) closed their ears, eyes, still want 16.5 million fake voters as if ten people are inserted into 800 thousand voting stations, that is 8 million. With 20 that is 16 million, surely enough to win,” he said.

The reporting on Jokowi’s victory, Rizal says, is very bizarre as Jokowi has not had many achievements and the economy is weakening so why has Jokowi supposedly received such as high vote as reported?

“How could it be designed for him to win 50-68%? said Rizal.

What is also strange is the inaccurate data inputs by the KPU. The mistakes seem to have been done purposefully to favor presidential candidate serial number 01.

“How could there be inaccurate inputs? Computers have what is called a front end. If the wrong input is entered, it is automatically rejected. There is also what is called a back end. Now, this is what can be changed. For instance, 01 gets a certain amount; then it is added. For instance, 02 gets a certain amount; then it is decreased. So, the largest fraud is done on the back end. If they were professional, they would let us do a forensic audit,” he said.

If there is a case of fraud that ignores even one vote, the election organizers get into legal trouble as is clearly written in the law.

“There is Law No. 7/2017, if one vote is purposefully removed, whoever is responsible can be put in jail for four years and be fined Rp 48 million. This fraud is in the 10s of millions. Times that by 4 years, how many years is that?” said Rizal. (Dsy)


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