Hospitality Industry in Merauke


Merauke is the easternmost district in Indonesia. It is directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea, so this place is the outermost point in the eastern part of Indonesia. Remote though it is, Merauke has a very charming natural beauty. 

Merauke Regency is one of the more exotic regencies in Indonesia, where the beauty of the sea and rivers as well as swamps makes people who visit indulge in observing natural beauty. 

Call it Payum Beach, Lake Rawa Biru, Habe Island, Lotus Garden, Wasur National Park, Onggaya Beach, Time Capsule Monument and Lampu Satu Beach. 

Careinn Merauke By Yolo Hospitality, one of the many hotels in Merauke that is very committed to developing tourism in Merauke. Yolo Hospitality Management has only been running Careinn hotel for 2 months; they are skilled at making a concept and strategy to pamper guests’ comfort, not only comfort in the hotel but in tourism destinations in Merauke has gradually begun to collaborate with stakeholders. This means that in the future there is a promising goal, which is not only hotel management and making guests feel safe and comfortable, but integrating existing tourism destinations with managed hotels. 

Yusup Maulana Mana, as General Manager of Corporate Yolo Hospitality Management, carried out the hotel business recovery and created an integrated concept and strategy. In the future, it will make it easier for people to travel to this area; it is very easy to access information about accommodations and transportation. 

Careinn By Yolo Hospitality has a total of 57 rooms: 10 Standard type, 16 Superior Rooms and 31 Deluxe Room. There are 3 meeting rooms, a ballroom and a swimming pool adjacent to SOTA RESTAURANT where on weekends, they feature live music with a concept of Friday Jazz. 

Of course, management earnestly hopes 2021 will be better than 2020, with a new concepts and strategies prioritizing Unique Selling Points or the “wow effect” felt by guests. It is hoped that guests will feel a difference in service and experience this time around.