Ayra Home Spa wins 2nd place in 2020 KMI Awards

The design of Among Raga. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Surabaya – Universitas Airlangga’s team won 2nd place in 2020 KMI Awards in trade and service industry category which was held online. The team of Raden Khairunissa Thifal Nabila (FEB), Indri Puspita Sari (FEB), Celine Levin (FISIP), Zulfa Anida (FKM), and Firmah Anggun Ariyanti (FST) have won for their service industry product, Ayra Home Spa. 

Nissa explained that Ayra Home Spa is an on call massage and spa service. The general services offered to customers include massage treatments, spa treatments, face treatments, hair treatments, and nail treatments. Ayra Home Spa also provides special services, packages for pregnant women, pre-wedding, staycation, and special mom & baby-sitting packages. 

“The mom & baby-sitting special package is a package with two therapists. One therapist is tasked with providing treatment to the mother and one for babysitting,” explained Nissa as the team leader, as quote by Unair.ac.id, Tuesday (15/12/2020). 

Ayra Home Spa was first founded by Nissa in 2016 together with one of her friends when she was studying in Yogyakarta. The business initially took the form of an outlet which was later re-branded to become Ayra Home Spa in 2018. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ayra Home Spa still run their business by applying health protocols. The therapist is provided with PPE such as masks, face shields, and gloves. Therapists are also equipped with hand sanitizers and are subject to regular body and health checks. Prospective customers are also required to fill out a medical form and travel history. “We also limit services, especially for massage,” she continued. 

Another strategy made to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic is to develop businesses in other fields such as selling products such as Ayra Kitchen. Ayra Kitchen sells food online, and opens a food catering to maximize the existing therapists. 

Winning 2nd place in the KMI Awards, Nissa assessed that some of the advantages possessed by Ayra Home Spa include certified therapists, both certificates of the National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) or private expertise institutions, BNSP certified and internationally certified, as well as creative and innovative staff manager. 

Nissa hoped that in the future Ayra Home Spa can develop, more therapist partners join, more customers, and the therapist partner’s welfare can increase. Nissa also hopes that Ayra Home Spa can continue to make innovation and face challenges in the future. Furthermore, there are several platforms used by Ayra Home Spa to run its business. Among them are Instagram, website, and Whatsapp. 

“Thank you to all those who helped us to participate in the 2020 KMI competition as well,” Nissa concluded. (est)