Hordes of FPI and PA 212 members to “storm” Indian Embassy tomorrow

Scene of a FPI and PA 212 protest. (Source: Tribunnews)

Jakarta, IO – Leader of Islamic Brotherhood Front (FPI), Aziz Yanuar, said his organization, together with the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA 212), and the National Movement to Safeguard the Ulema Fatwa (GNPF Ulama) would “storm” the Indian Embassy in Jakarta tomorrow, Friday (17/6) to protest the insult of Prophet Muhammad by the country’s top politicians.

“We are looking at around 3,000 to 4,000 people to express their aspirations condemning the depravity and barbarism and the behaviour of the Zionist-like India government who is insolent, racist, fascist and Islamophobic,” Azis was quoted as saying by detik, Thursday (16/6).

Aziz also said a number of FPI and PA 212 figures would attend, including Buya Ahmad Qurtubi Jaelani, Muhammad Alatas, Ali Alatas, Slamet Maarif, Ahmad Shabri Lubis, Khawit Masyhuri, Habib Hanif Alatas, Habib Novel Chaidir Hasan Bamukmin, and Abdul Qohar Al Qudsy.

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“We call for an end to Islamophobia in India. Stop the oppression of Muslims in India. Stop insulting and blaspheming Islam in India. Or expel the Indian Ambassador. Boycott Indian products. Expel Indians,” Azis asserted.

On February 25, PA 212 also protested in front of the Indian Embassy to express their solidarity with Indian Muslims who they said suffered oppression in India. (rr)