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Here are Indonesia’s 6 Super Rich according to Forbes


Jakarta, IO – Forbes Real Time Billionaire has officially released a list of the top ten richest people in Indonesia. The rating is based on the daily-updated net worth of private-sector business leaders.

Forbes noted that the Hartono brothers, Budi and Michael Hartono, are still the wealthiest in Indonesia, perching at number one and two, respectively. Budi Hartono’s total assets are worth around US$21.5 billion (Rp313.9 trillion) mainly from Djarum, investments in Bank Central Asia (BCA), electronics maker Polytron, real estate business in Jakarta, and shares in gaming start-up Razer. Meanwhile, Michael Hartono’s net worth is valued at US$20.4 billion (Rp302.22 trillion), according to report by Detik, Tuesday (5/7).

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Coming third is CT Corp chairman and founder Chairul Tanjung, with a net worth of US$7.5 billion (Rp109.5 trillion). Known as the “cassava child,” Chairul graduated from the University of Indonesia’s Dentistry Faculty in 1987.


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