Gerindra to nominate Riza Patria in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election in 2024

Ahmad Riza Patria
Gerindra Party’s Jakarta secretariat chairman Ahmad Riza Patria. (Source: arizapatria)

Jakarta, IO – Gerindra Party has confirmed that it will nominate chairman of Gerindra Party’s Jakarta secretariat Ahmad Riza Patria as a candidate for the governor of Jakarta in the 2024 gubernatorial election.

Gerindra secretary general Muzani said Riza Patria is the most suitable candidate for the position. According to him, Riza, who now also serves as Deputy Governor of Jakarta, has proven his performance for DKI Jakarta.

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“We have to prepare the best cadre to be promoted as Jakarta gubernatorial candidates in 2024. And I think that figure is Jakarta Deputy Governor A Riza Patria. We have to win the upcoming election in Jakarta,” Muzani told CNN Indonesia on Thursday (28/4).