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Fitriagustin Tjandra, Geo Love Healer / DNA and Gifts Activator “Helping Others, Healing the World”, here and abroad


Jakarta, IO – The stifling heat of Jakarta that day did not dampen the atmosphere between Independent Observer and Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra. On the contrary, her smile, as she greeted us in a café in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, was as bright as the sun itself. “Hello, how are you,” she said brightly. 

Recently, Ing launched her first book, Raise & Stay at Your High Vibration by HealingingTan. It is the summary of her processes along her journey to heal herself, family members, friends, and others, as the first Level 3 Geo Love Healer Master in Indonesia. Published by Hille House Publishing, it is a best seller in the Amazon digital marketplace. 

For the past few years, Ing has been helping others, by providing them with remote healing. “Hopefully, after the pandemic ends, we can meet and heal our friends directly, one on one, for better concentration,” she said. 

Her online healing sessions are held every Wednesday at 21.00 WIB. “The ’21-Minute Free Distance Healing for 1,000 People’ program uses WhatsApp group and Telegram group as its media. The name is now changed to ‘Free Group Healing for Infinite Amount of People to Release Stress, Worry & Anxiety by Healingingtan’,” Ing said. “My healing methods make use of existing energies freely available in the Universe. I help clean up, and smooth the flow of, the energy of the friends who need it – such as people who suffer from prolonged illness, stress, and trauma. By stimulating their personal energies using the Universe’s energy, I open up the path to allow my patients’ bodies to heal themselves naturally.” 


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