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Fitriagustin Tjandra, Geo Love Healer / DNA and Gifts Activator “Helping Others, Healing the World”, here and abroad


Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra
Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra, healer and gift activator. (Priv. Doc.)

Even though she has helped many people over the year, Ing is still constantly learning, practicing, and collaborating with people in terms of her craft. “I transfer the learning to the friends who seriously want to learn and delve deeply in the science for the past 3 years. By knowing the right methods, using energies in a timely and on-target manner, we can harness the Universe’s energy to aid us in our daily lives. We can manage discomfort by knowingly performing self-care and self-love. This will allow us to lessen our dependence on medication, and allow us to become healthier, more active, more productive, more abundant, and happy,” she said. “I learn from various proper masters, routinely practice with fellow healers, transfer my knowledge to my friends who are learning with me, and I maintain consistency in my service. I use it myself, and I feel and experience the benefits myself, then I share and serve it with all my friends.” 

Ing went on to explain that the human body also contains thoughts, emotions, and energies. When we think about something, we usually feel some kind of emotion because of it, and this emotion pushes us into action. “If we have positive energy, we will attract everything that has positive benefits. As humans, we will not always be in a ‘positive’ position. Sometimes we are stuck in an environment that generates negative emotions. When this happens, we need to clear our minds, our hearts, our energy by performing self-care actions: taking a break, rest, do a fun activity, or going back to nature. This will allow us to recapture higher vibrations, and thus we recover our spirits. When our energy is clean and within a ‘high vibration’ range, we can use our mind to manifest the things that we want to generate or achieve in our lives, for example, ‘I am gaining financial freedom within the next 1 or 5 years.’ We can thus attract good things into our lives,” she said. 

“Here we learn how to reframe negative thoughts quickly, how to turn our sorrows into smiles. A lot of people say that it’s hard, that they can’t do it. But it’s not impossible – almost anything can be mitigated. It’s up to us to find the way to change the situation – will we, or won’t we? The easiest way to do this is by the power of laughter: think about something that you know will make you smile, then as you smile, you let go of these uncomfortable thoughts. Tell ourselves, ‘I accept this feeling, and I release it. Dear feeling, thank you for the lesson you have given.’ Then we start to raise our vibration by recalling that the Universe gives us unconditional love, and by being honestly grateful for something that we can still really be thankful for despite the bad situation,” Ing went on. 

A lot of people are unaware that everyone is born with a gift. To be precise, they can generally “feel” that they have a gift, but they do not know what it is or how to use it. Gifts may come in terms of Healing abilities; or the ability to hear, see, smell, or sense what others cannot (Psychic or Extrasensory abilities); the ability to actually feel the emotions and pain of others around them as their own pain, and change such emotions or pains in others by changing the emotions and pains in themselves (Transmutation); the ability to deliver a message or advice from the Divine to others (Channeling), or the ability to access knowledge of the Universe and the principles behind it, or to access information about the past, present, or future (Akashic Records access). Other Master Gifts a person may have include being an elemental, projector, or DNA activator. 


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