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Fitriagustin Tjandra, Geo Love Healer / DNA and Gifts Activator “Helping Others, Healing the World”, here and abroad


Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra
Fitriagustin “Ing” Tjandra, healer and gift activator. (Priv. Doc.)

One of Ing’s teachers in America reactivated her gifts, including that of being a DNA activator. This is the ability to heal any kind of physical damage down to the level of the smallest cells. “Once I discovered that my Master Gift is being a DNA activator, I understood that I need to learn more about this ability, and to practice it more deeply. It really does generate amazing results,” she said. “Anyone can heal themselves if they know themselves enough to know what heals them. For example, some people say that if you need healing, you should go to Puncak or Bali or any other pilgrimage spots. This is not wrong – these places in nature do have healing energies. By going to them and other natural spots, we are reconnecting with nature, we enjoy ourselves, and we start to be able to release our negative emotions. We are able to set our troubles aside, and relearn to enjoy mundane life by enjoying nature.” 

Through her Raise & Stay at Your High Vibration by HealingingTan, Ing wants to tell everyone that everything in life is related to energy. No matter what we do, we can never free ourselves from energy – whether the energy of words, fire, rain, machines, electricity, or others. “We know that if we can use energy positively, then you can be healthier and your life can become more productive. In fact, if you can concentrate on doing good things and thinking good thoughts, you can pull in better careers or whatever you want in life. My point is that everything depends on your vibrations,” she smiled. 

After the success of her first book release in August, Ing is now working on her second book for the international market. Slated to be released this November, Inspired Creator contains pieces by Ing herself and other writers who want to inspire, achieve their soul mission, and plan now for what they are working on for the future. “My objective by opening this international opportunity is to collaborate with others to help more people in more places. I’m going international by collaborating with my healer friends in the Philippines, Thailand, UK, and America,” she said. 

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With so many of her dreams coming true, does Ing still have anything she wants to achieve? 

“Yes! I want to give birth to new ‘Ing Tans’, people who can heal themselves and jointly support the mission to help each other more, whether here or abroad,” she said. 

What an amazing goal. Good luck and blessed be always, Ing! (des)


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