Fahmil Muhaimin top 10 of Energy Academy Indonesia 2020

Fahmil Muhaimin, creator of sago dregs gel. (Photo: IPB)

IO, Bogor – Fahmil Muhaimin, a beneficiary of Pondok Inspirasi Foundation support, managed to qualify for the top 10 finalists in the Energy, Sustainability and Society competition held by the Energy Academy Indonesia in 2020. This achievement has become a matter of pride for these IPB University students. The reason is that this essay competition is one of the most prestigious competitions that many students participate in.  

This competition was attended by 2,457 participants from 18 countries around the world who are currently studying at 294 public and private universities in Indonesia and 25 foreign universities. The judges who attended were Daru Tri Tjahjono (EVP Talent Development PT PLN Persero), Munir Ahmad (Secretary of the Directorate General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources), and Desti Alkano (Co-Founder of ECADIN).  

“Getting an award to be a top 10 finalist has become a pride for me. It is not easy and very strict because many students take part. Having unique ideas and optimism is the key,” said Fahmil, as quote from ipb.ac.id, Friday (6/11/2020). 

 The son of Kamaruddin and Suhartini initiated an innovation that optimizes the use value of sago waste. In this competition supported by PT PLN (Persero), Fahmil saw that the potential for sago in Papua was quite large and had not been properly utilized. On the other hand, household energy in Papua is still very limited, especially that relying on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  

Fahmil transformed sago waste into a gel as a result of bioethanol development. The gel itself has its own advantages in Papuan society compared to bioethanol. Gel has the advantages of being easy to use, easy to transport, non-volatile, non-flammable, and safer. Seeing the natural potential and geographical conditions of Papua, this gel is a big hope in the future as an alternative energy.  

“Even though oil and gas in Papua is subsidized, the price is still high. In addition, the geographical conditions there are also an obstacle in terms of transportation,” added the student from West Nusa Tenggara, who is currently studying at the Biosystem Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology.  

Fahmil is a beneficiary of Pondok Inspirasi and is active in the Central Young Inspirator Community. He feels grateful to be part of Pondok Inspirasi Bogor. “Here we are really guided to fulfill our potential and be really technical. I happen to be happy looking for ideas and writing. Alhamdulillah, this is one of my essays that has made me very proud of being able to get to this stage,” he added.  

Pondok Inspirasi Bogor is one of the platforms which, according to him, is very helpful in developing ideas and writing. Previously, Fahmil was also included in the top three best essay writing held by the Indonesian Youth Association 2020. (est)