Barunastra ITS takes 2020 NUFBC

Nawasena Team, winner of the poster competition and second- place winner in accommodation space redesign. (Photo: ITS)

IO, Surabaya – In the 2020 National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (NUFBC) which was held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, (UMM) ending Saturday (7/11/2020), the Barunastra Team of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) won a prestigious title: first place in Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) Prototype Ship Performance category and entered the final stage in the Prototype Fuel Engine Remote Control (FERC) Performance category. In the competition, which began on November 5, the Barunastra sent two teams, one each for each race category: the Nala Final Evo for the ASV category, and the Nala Sadewa for the FERC category.  

Preparation of the two ships took 10 weeks. “We assembled the ships according to a design template. Next, simulations are held, and the performances are viewed on a computer. Then, we assemble the propulsion units of the ships,” explained ASV Team Leader Muchmirul Yusa, in a release received by the Independent Observer, Monday (9/11/2020).  

The Barunastra took part in the free trial session, when the ships were judged for their running performance. Next came fine-tuning. “In this session, the two ships seemed to be doing well.”  

Continuing on the third day of the race, in the ASV category the team was assigned the challenge to run the ship remotely, completing the mission through a predetermined path. “Within 15 minutes of running, the Nala Final Evo Ship was recorded to be able to complete a run in 9.23 seconds,” said Barunastra Team External Relations & Sponsorship, Fauzan Ichsanul Rahman.  

Meanwhile, for the FERC category, the Nala Sadewa Ship was required to compete on a predetermined track. The FERC category is a fast boat race with the main power from an engine with a maximum capacity of 32 CC. “Nala Sadewa was able to complete the run in 28 seconds,” said Fauzan.  

As an annual NUFBC participant who also participated in last year’s competition, this year was the first time the Barunastra team competed in the FERC category and made it into the top five. In fact, the Barunastra team saw a significant increase in ASV category performance. “From the track that was contested more or less the same as last year’s, we got a record time of 9.23 seconds, faster than that of the previous year which was still 14 seconds.”  

Securing the championship title and performing extraordinary achievements did not make the Barunastra team feel satisfied. They will continue to improve the performance of their ships in the next competition. “We are determined to defend this title and continue to pursue team achievements,” said the student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Sukoharjo.  

Other teams winning awards at the 2020 NUFBC included the Hydromodelling team, which too third place in the Electric Remote-Control competition category. The Nawasena team won first place in the NUFBC poster competition and second place in the category of hospital ship innovation design competition and accommodation space redesign competition. (est)