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Encourage financial intelligence among the young


IO, Jakarta – As a subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk which is one of the largest banks in the country, Mandiri Utama Finance (MUF), a well-known finance company, steadily strives to institute innovations, facilitating motor vehicle credit financing properly for the public.

Particularly for millennials who have never applied for credit, it will be a challenge to submit an application for credit the first time, because there is no track record on which to base their ability to repay a loan. Understanding these needs, Mandiri Utama Finance (MUF) is proud to present the #JagaNama Millennial Credit campaign as the right financing solution for the Millennial generation.

#JagaNama is a literacy and education program for Millennials in taking out motor vehicle loans for the first time while maintaining personal credibility in every financial transaction, whether with a credit institution or banking institution. Through the Millennial Loans program, MUF provides credit packages with low Down Payments and light installments, long tenors, and various other attractive prizes.

“Why is #JagaNama important for every credit transaction? Because each of our credit transactions will be recorded by credit bureaus such as Pefindo, or OJK / SLIK. So, if installment payments run smoothly, the borrower will benefit from further financial transactions (eg, applying for a credit card, filing a vehicle loan or mortgage application, borrowing cash for business capital and so on).

Conversely, if the customer’s credit payments are late or troubled, it will further complicate our financial transactions and provide a poor track record; the person can even be blacklisted in all financial institutions,” said Stanley Setia Atmadja, President Director of Mandiri Utama Finance in the  #JagaNama Millennial Loan Launching event, Thursday (20/2/2020).

The attractive product package offered by Mandiri Utama Finance through Millennial Loans includes programs for new cars, used cars, new motorbikes and used motorcycles.

• For New Cars: Installments start from IDR. 2.2 million, with free travel and shopping vouchers with a total value of IDR. 1 million.

• For Used Cars: Installments start from IDR. 1.5 million, with free travel and shopping vouchers with a total value of IDR. 1 million.

• For New Motorbikes: Installments start from IDR. 600 thousand, with free gift vouchers for trips and shopping with a total value of IDR. 400 thousand.

• For Used Motorbikes: Installments starting from IDR. 500 thousand with free gift vouchers for traveling and shopping with a value of 600 thousand.

Rally Marina and Alitt Susanto also appeared in the #JagaNama Millennial Credit press conference program. As a national car racing champion who has long been in the automotive world, Rally Marina certainly has often conducted credit transactions at various financial institutions. Ditto for Alitt Susanto, a content creator who now has a business in the field of custom bikes and also a well-known automotive vlogger.


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