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Embassy of Italy: The 4th Italian Cuisine Week (2)


IO – A unique performance of Mezzotono, an Italian acapella group, which carries around the world a unique and original show, finally closes the 4th edition of “Italian Cuisine Week in the World” organized by the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute. The show opened with an Italian song accompanied by acapella music. Spectators who watched also always clapped to accompany the chanting rhythm of the song. Mezzotono, in addition to bringing acapella music that was cool to hear, also interspersed with jokes among the personnel that made the audience laugh followed by a standing ovation. Sparkling colorful lights also accompanied the fun at Oquarium M Bloc Space during the performance. 

“Very cool. The music is really harmonious, if I heard it from the recording, maybe I would not believe that this is acapella. It is very similar to using a musical instrument, just so cool!”, said Vino, one of the viewers. 

Mezzotono performed without any instruments, only five voices that imitate the sound of real musical instruments and with a comical approach. Mezzotono sings cover of Italian well known songs in different music genres, ranging from jazz, pop, boss nova, mambo, tango, folklore, big band style to classical music, showing that with the human voices it is possible to do everything. The concert takes place on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 7:00 pm in Live House, M Bloc Space, Melawai, South Jakarta, and it is open for public. 

A day before on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, a cooking class was held at Culinaris Modena Suryo. Guided by Chef Matteo Meacci from Ambiente Ristorante, visitors learned how to prepare Minestrone Toscano, Penne a la Boscaola, and Cantuccini at Prato. 

Meanwhile, on Friday, 22 November 2019, Chef Tommaso Gonfiantini from GIA & Osteria GIA demonstrated how to make Pappa al Pamodoro (Classic Tuscan tomato soup, Capota in melanzane (Sicilian eggplant caponata), and Risotto Porcini e Tartufo Nero (Risotto with porcini mushroom and black truffle. (OHW)


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