POS provider Moka champions “The 90’s Festival Jakarta 2019”

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Moka, the Point Of Sales (digital cashier) startup, supports “The 90’s Festival Jakarta 2019” as its official Point of Sales (POS) app. Moka’s contributes by optimizing tenants’ sale and purchase transaction records for the duration of the show. The event, which was held on 23-24 November at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, showcased both national and international stars of the 90s, such as Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), Aqua, Hanson, Sheila On 7, GIGI, Potret, Jamrud, Tipe-X, Tofu, Wong Band, M.E, Bunglon, and Vina Panduwinata. 

Other than facilitating point of sales for all tenant transactions at the Festival, Moka sponsored the “CLBK: Cuan Lancar Bisa Kongkow” (“Money Flows Freely, Hanging Out Made Easy”) rest area for visitors. Here, visitors can relax and enjoy the nostalgia of having fun 90’s style by having their faces painted, having their 3D photos taken, and play with PlayStation 1 and other “Old School” games. 

This cooperation marks the first time The 90’s Festival Jakarta has entrusted a digital cashier service for better, easier recording of transactions for its tenants. In the two days of the event, Moka facilitated more than 100 cashier applications, software, and hardware in the ticketing area and tenant products and services. There were three types of tenants at the event: F & B, communities retail-selling 90’s nostalgia items from analog camera to action figures, and The 90’s Festival Jakarta official merchandiser. 

Moka’s support allows all tenants to easily record transactions as they occur and which products sell best, and to get near real-time online transaction summary reports. This connectivity is a new experience of digital awareness to all relevant businesses, whether established major businesses or communities flexing their business muscles at the show. With a digital cashier in place, tenants save time with more effective transactions – up to 5 times faster than when calculating the transactions manually (such as using calculators). Purchase transactions are more practical and accountable, as buyers get digital copies of their receipts by e-mail or text message. 

Achmad Ja’far Al Fakhry, Moka’s Head of Activation, stated that Moka supported The 90’s Festival Jakarta 2019 in line with its business intent of making business operations easier for everyone, wherever and whenever the business is being run. “We are grateful to The 90’s Festival Jakarta for having entrusted the digital financial management of this great event to Moka. Our cooperation as the official POS app also shows that the entertainment industry is starting to trust digital technology to make its financial operations during events easier,” he said. 

Arinda Mentari Putri, The 90’s Festival Jakarta 2019’s official promotor, stated that cooperating with Moka makes it easier for organizers to facilitate and monitor transactions throughout the event. “Moka’s presence makes the visitors more comfortable during transactions, and they get interesting experiences too,” she said.