Do these to prevent acute hepatitis infection

Acute Hepatitis
Mysterious acute hepatitis (Source: Halodoc)

To date, the cause of acute hepatitis is still unknown and the Ministry of Health is still conducting an epidemiological investigation. While waiting for the results, Hanifah advised parents to remain vigilant, especially those who have children under the age of 16.

There are several things that can be done to prevent acute hepatitis, namely by maintaining personal and environmental hygiene, including washing hands with soap, making sure the food or drink consumed is cooked, not sharing eating utensils with other people, and keeping children away from sick person.

Meanwhile, to prevent acute hepatitis, Hanifah recommended implementing health protocols, including wearing masks, maintaining safe distance, and reducing mobility. In addition, Hanifah also advised parents to understand the early symptoms of acute hepatitis so they can handle it as early as possible.