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Disaster management training in 2019 Asian and Oceanian High Schools’ Student Forum


IO, Japan – The Wakayama Prefectural Government has held the Asian and Oceanian High Schools’ Student Forum early this month, sponsored by the Wakayama government while working with the Wakayama Education Services and ERIA (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia) and three Japanese ministries (Education, Economy, and Foreign Affairs).

The annual event, held in the Land of the Rising Sun, was attended by high school delegates from Japan and 20 invited nations. Among others were delegates from Indonesia, Australia, Cambodia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mongolia, and several other countries.

This year, the high schoolers discussed the problems and challenges of food waste, prevention, and management of natural disasters, education, tourism, and the environment and how to overcome these problems. The event also aimed at improving international friendships and student-to-student contact.

Nicklaus Daniel Yulio Tedjanegara (17), a student from Binus School Serpong, had the chance of representing Indonesia at the forum. He left for Japan accompanied by his companion teacher, Sonda Pajao.

“Natural disaster prevention became a highlighted topic and the main discussion for Indonesia. Especially as Indonesia experienced several natural disasters in these last few years, such as tsunamis and earthquakes, and made the headlines in the media of some nations,” said Nicklaus to the media.

“The participants and I had discussions and traded through on what efforts would be made by Indonesia to minimize the effects of natural disasters. For instance, through the increase in disaster drills and exercises at the elementary school level to above, such as is done in Japan. AS a large nation in the ring of fire, we must be prepared to face natural disasters, especially in regions prone to natural disasters,” he said.

“Other than those topics, I also received a chance to meet with high school students from other nations, and it was an interesting experience to observe the differences in cultures.”

Previously Nicklaus participated in the biggest international level high school conference, the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) held in New York from March 1-9, 2019. (*/est)


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