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Deemed a Religious Symbol, France Bans Students from Wearing Abayas


Jakarta, IO – The French government has officially banned public school students from wearing loose-fitting robe (abaya).

French Education Minister Gabriel Attal argued that abaya is synonymous with religious identity, per Tempo, Monday (28/8).

“I have decided that abayas can no longer be worn in schools. When you walk into a classroom, you should not be able to identify a student’s religion just by looking at them,” he said.

France passed a law in March 2004 banning “the wearing of signs or clothing which would allow students to indicate religious affiliation” in schools. This prohibition includes large crosses, Jewish kippa, and Islamic headscarves.

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Unlike the head scarf, the abaya is in a gray area and until now it has not been banned. Attal said his government would issue clear rules that apply nationwide.

The rule will be relayed to all school principals and come into effect September 4. (rr)


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