Brodo X ONIC Esports: committed to removing stigma

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Continuing its joint commitment to bring new enthusiasm with cross-industry collaboration, ONIC Esports together with Brodo released a short documentary film entitled “Why Esports Cannot Be Seen Next to the Eye.” In this 9 minute, 31 second film, stakeholders in the Esports industry, such as Fauzi Anskar/ Ranger Emas (Shout caster), Irliansyah Wijanarko (Co-Founder of Revival TV), Ibnu Riza (Executive Chairman of IESPA), Calvin Winata/ CW (Pro Player ONIC Esports), and Shawn Liem (CEO of ONIC Esports) share their views on the development of this industry, especially the potential that has a positive impact on the country’s economy, including opening new jobs that are relevant to the younger generation. 

Fauzi Anskar, better known as the Golden Ranger, revealed that the shout caster profession he is currently pursuing can be a dream job if it is done seriously. “This is a professional job, especially now that the government has supported this industry by holding various international esports tournaments. I am sure this industry will become very big,” he claimed. 

Shawn Liem, as CEO of ONIC Esports, also said that the Esports industry is very broad, dynamic, and reaches many elements. “There are so many business potentials that can be developed, ranging from Social Media Marketing, Influencer and Talent Management, Event Organizer, to Merchandise Retail. From the statistics, it is also proven that mobile games in Indonesia, especially Mobile Legend, have broken a new record of reaching 2.5 million viewership. This certainly also proves that the potential of Esports is very high and we can still explore more,” he said. 

Although the potential and opportunities in this industry continue to flow rapidly, Esports still finds obstacles that can suppress its development. This was conveyed by Ibnu Riza, Executive Chairman of the Indonesia Esports Association (IESPA) which has sent hundreds of Indonesian Esports athletes to international multi-events. “The obstacle to Indonesian Esports is the stigma and negative paradigm of people who have not accepted that Esports can become a profession. This has to be changed because now playing games is not just recreation, but has become a profession and an achievement,” he said. 

“There are so many cool people and extraordinary talents in Indonesia, especially in Esports. We want this mini-documentary to reach a wider community who realize that Esports industry activists are great people who are living an epic life,” said Bahmaniar, Growth Marketing Manager of Brodo. 

To watch the mini-documentary film presented by Brodo X ONIC Esports “Why Esports Cannot Be Seen by Eye”, visit YouTube channel @BRODO and social media Instagram