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BNI launches educational credit assistance for ITS academics


IO, Surabaya – PT Bank Negara Indo­nesia [BNI] is cooperating with Sepu­luh Nopember Institute of Technolo­gy [ITS] Surabaya to develop its latest feature, “BNI Fleksi Pendidikan”. The cooperation was marked by the sign­ing of a Memorandum of Understand­ing [MoU] at ITS Rectorate Building, Thursday (29/3) afternoon.

The signing was done by ITS Rector, Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, MScES, PhD, and General Manager of BNI Sales Di­vision, Hermita, witnessed by BNI Insti­tutional Relationship and Transaction­al Director Adi Sulistyowati. This MoU signing was also attended by a number of ITS officials and BNI Surabaya Re­gional Office.

In her speech, Adi Sulistyowati said BNI has been working with ITS since 1985, but only limited to tuition fees payment (SPP), State Universities’ entrance assessments, and some oth­er payments. “Therefore, BNI wishes to further develop this cooperation, one aspect of which is to give flexi­bility credit for ITS lecturers and stu­dents,” said Adi.

According to Adi, this progress is in line with the President Joko Wido­do’s direction, as he wants Indone­sian banking to provide specialized financing products to support edu­cational matters. “This loan product can help lecturers and students in solving their financial problems, as well as expanding Fleksi BNI debtor base to the campus,” said Adi fur­ther.

At the same time, Corporate Sec­retary BNI Kiryanto revealed that this new product is a non-profit credit fa­cility (KTA) for educational activities or academic personnel, which in­cludes Bachelor’s Education (S1) to Doctoral Degree (S3) tuition fees at national and international accredited educational institutions. “This prod­uct launch aims to improve students and lecturers’ quality in Indonesia,” he said.

Furthermore, Kiryanto explained, the Fleksi Education grant is divid­ed into two. First, recipients are ac­tive students of Bachelor/Master/ Doctoral programs. Second, recipi­ents are active students of Master’s Degree and Doctoral programs who have worked and received their salary through a BNI account.

Potential funding recipients can obtain a grace period scheme (a scheme that allows debtors to only pay interest within a certain period of time) or a regular scheme. “BNI also distributes funding for ITS lec­turers who are conducting research for a certain period of time, with mild instalments applicable to any type of research,” added Kiryanto.

Meanwhile, Joni Hermana said BNI’s efforts to assist ITS with this Education credit would enable ITS researchers to obtain decent funding. Actually, ITS received from 60 billion to 70 billion Rupiah of government funding per year, but is constrained by the allocation process.

“Average research timeline is around January-November; however, new allocations are down in August or September,” said Joni. Thus, re­searchers are forced to self-fund at their first attempt.

On the same occasion, BNI also channelled scholarships to ITS aca­demic achievers numbering 20 stu­dents. The total education fund pre­pared for the one-year requirement reached a total cost of 180 million Rupiah. Applicants should possess at least 3.0 GPA to receive funds. (ITS)


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