Arif Ilham, Raditya Yoke, and Imam Ali score at Unair Video competition

Muhammad Arif Ilham Fadillah, Raditya Yoke, and Khalifah Imam Ali want to participate in more competitions. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Solo – Three students of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta scored an achievement in the PHOCO National Creative Video Competition held by the Indonesian New Generation (Genbi), Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya, with the theme “Never Ending Inspiration in New Normal”. The competition was held online last month. 

Muhammad Arif Ilham Fadillah from the 2018 Special Education Study Program, Raditya Yoke (Sociology 2018), and Khalifah Imam Ali (Information Technology 2018) won third place in this prestigious event. “Continue to Try” is the title of a three-minute video that led them to win. 

“Continue to Try” tells the story of a journalist who interviews an inspiring ice peddler. Amid the pandemic, the ice peddler is still selling a certain amount, even though his turnover has decreased. In the video, it is explained that a pandemic does not prevent someone from continuing to do good and be productive. 

“I happen to like writing; yesterday I was a talent like a journalist who previously wrote on a laptop, then continued to do real interviews in the field. It’s as if I came out of the house looking for data. Then I met an ice peddler and interviewed him to find out what inspiration he could get from the man. There are lessons of efforts that we can take from there,” said Yoke, as quoted by, Tuesday (2/3/2021). 

Arif revealed the process of taking raw video for editing took three hours in a day. They took the video in mid-January. 

The three of them were interested in participating because they wanted to explore their talents and as a means of channeling their abilities. “First, because I have a partner, I am a talent. I want to explore because I have never been a talent. Incidentally, I previously made a video on campus introduction for new students,” said Yoke who was the Chairperson of the 2020 Campus Introduction Program at UNS. 

Arif added that he wanted to channel his talents and considered the competition as a place for it. In producing the video, they claim to enjoy every process. They also have to adjust their schedules because of their respective activities. 

In the future, Arif and his friends want to take part in other competitions and be more productive. “I want to develop myself whether to become a talent or a video maker. I like participating in competitions. After this, we encourage more to take part in the next competitions, whether video competitions, writing competitions, or others,” said Yoke. 

This competition is also an evaluation event for them. “Yesterday’s competition was for evaluating ourselves, where were our shortcomings. After this, we have to take part in competitions again. I have a target: every month I have to be in at least one competition, or hopefully more. What is clear is that you have to be active in participating in the competitions,” said Arif. (est)