Admiring the beauty of 5 largest Buddhist temples in Indonesia

Buddhists worships while enjoying religious tourism at Vihara Buddha Dharma & 8 Pho Sat, Bogor. (Source: Antara/Arif Firmansyah)

Jakarta, IO – Vesak Day which falls on Tuesday (16/5) is the most sacred day for Buddhists to commemorate three sacred events (trisuci) that occurred to Gautama Buddha, his birth, enlightenment and passing.

Indonesia has beautiful Buddhist temples that are not only used as houses of worship, but can also be tourist destinations. According to travel site Pegipegi, quoted by Antara, here are the five most charming Buddhist temples to visit in Indonesia.

  1. Vihara Buddha Dharma & 8 Pho Sat, Bogor

This monastery is located in Kampung Jati, Tajur Halang district, Bogor regency. It hosts the statue of the Sleeping Buddha, measuring 18 meters long and 3.75 meters high. In addition, it has 2,800 Buddha statues on display.

  1. Vihara Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama, Batu

This monastery is the oldest and largest in Batu city, Malang. Built atop 5 hectares of land located in the highlands, the cool and calm surrounding is the most memorable impression of the Padepokan Dhammadipa Arama Vihara. This monastery is located in Ngandat hamlet, Mojorejo village, Batu city, East Java.