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A Filipino woman raped by an American in Bali


Jakarta, IO – A Filipino woman was raped in a villa in Canggu, Bali, by a U.S. man. Ironically, the perpetrator was assisted by the victim’s girlfriend.

Badung Police chief Superintendent Leo Dedy Defretes explained that the rape occurred when the victim, his girlfriend and an American man walked back to the villa after a night out. The villa was owned by the American, reported detik, Tuesday (6/12).

“They were friends. At that time the victim was just out for a walk, perhaps having a dinner,” explained Leo. Upon arriving at the villa, the victim went to the toilet. It was then that the rape took place, on Monday (21/11) at 2 a.m. WITA.

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The police said that the victim’s girlfriend helped the perpetrator pinning down the victim’s hand so she could not put up a resistance. The victim lodged a police report the day after the incident. The perpetrator and female accomplice are now under police investigation. (rr)


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