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“2Madison Berkumpul” Exhibition: A reflection on human social life


Jakarta, IO – There are not many art galleries as unique as 2Madison. This independent art gallery often exhibits various works curated in an unusual way, namely through the regular #2madison_search contest via Instagram @2madison_gallery. Thus, the concept displayed by this gallery will always be different from time to time.

“Semmenjana” by Bandung-based artist Edrike Joosencia (IO/ Aini Tartinia)

When the Independent Observer visited last weekend, 2Madison Art Gallery, in Bangka, South Jakarta, was holding a joint exhibition themed “2Madison Berkumpul [Gathers].” It features paintings by five artists — Edrike Joosencia (Bandung), Elma Lucyana (Jakarta), Erianto (Yogyakarta), Sunny Jung (Seoul), Tri Pandrong (Yogyakarta) and Zeta Ranniry (Surabaya).

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The works of art on display are so attractive that they arouse the curiosity of the visitors about the process. Some of them were seen interacting with one of the painters, Edrike Joosencia, who explained her work titled “Semmanjala”. Edrike’s painting is unique because apart from using paint, she combines it with spices such as turmeric, coffee, tea, star anise, and urang-aring (false daisy).


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