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Yuki Kato: Studying to be a comic creator


IO – For her role in the film Nikah Yuk, actor Yuki Kato has been studying hard at how to be a comic creator.

Yuki even participated in a workshop on drawing comics in her preparation for the role.

“From readings to the day before shooting, there was a comic strip drawing workshop. While shooting and waiting between takes, I studied,” said Yuki as quoted by Antara.

Becoming a cartoonist was the most difficult challenge for Yuki in in preparation for the film. “The challenge was drawing or sketching, as before I was only average at drawing. Mountains with the sun in the middle,” said Yuki. “During the readings I studied drawing.”

Yuki admitted she most preferred drawing faces as she thought they were easier. She studied how using a special computer for making manga during shooting.

In the film, Yuki plays as Aprilia, a manga creator. As such the movie takes place and is shot in Japan. Yuki Kato was believed to have sufficient skills to play the part of a manga creator. Yuki and her family had previously lived in Japan during her youth.

Yuki’s father, Takeshi Kato is Japanese, while her mother, Twinawati is Indonesian. Born in Malang on April 2 1995, as eldest daughter, Yuki Anggraini Kato is best known for starring in the soap operas Primata Cantik, Heart Series, and My Love.

She also has an interest in singing, and she performed the song “My Heart OST” with Irshadi Bagas on the show My Heart by Request on SCTV. In 2010, she starred in the film Arti Sahabat alongside Steven William. In 2013, Yuki acted in the film Operation Wedding with Adipati Dolken. She also sang on the soundtrack for the film.

Nikah Yuk tells the story of Arya, who is played by Marcel Darwin. Arya is pushed by his parents to marry but still wants to focus on his career, leading him to meet the comic creator Lia, played by Yuki.

The film is scheduled for a release on February 6. (rp)


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