Wika Salim: Entertaining flood refugees

Wika Salim donates and visits flood refugees. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Singer Wika Salim has donated food for the victims of the recent floods. In addition, Wika also helped entertain victims of the floods by inviting them to sing in the Pengadegan Teen Sports Arena, South Jakarta, Tuesday January 7.

The singer, and host of the television show Ini Baru Empat Mata, together with comedian Tukul, also took selfies with flood victims who asked her. Wearing a black camisole top under a black jacket, Wika was the object of many women asking to take photos together. After taking photos, they asked Wika Salim to sing, which Wika obliged. “We’ll sing Cendol Dawet okay?” said Wika in front of the flood refugees.

One by one the refugees began to dance following the rhythm. Wika Salim’s melodious voice had become an uplifting moment in the midst of the disaster. The tiredness and sadness of the refugees looked as if to disappear, at least temporarily, when Wika Salim began singing.

“Coincidentally, it is near where I live. I wanted to visit the refugees,” said Wika as quoted by Antara.

“Give a little help and support for everyone so our friends here can be a little more spirited.”

Wika hopes the refugees can quickly return to their normal activities. “Our friends who have been hit by this flooding disaster can hopefully remain healthy and return to their everyday lives.”

The singer, born in Bogor on February 26 1992, started her career at only 16. One of her accomplishments includes winning the talent search competition StarDut on the Indosiar channel.

Having successfully become a dangdut singer, Wika then stepped into the acting world and went on to star in a number of soap operas. She has also been the host of a number of television programs. (rp)