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Yogyakarta’s Cultural Agency hosts Javanese
literature dialogue


Yogyakarta, IO – The Yogyakarta Cultural Agency brilliantly presented an educational program and promoted the appreciation of literature to a young generation: Yogyakarta Literature Festival. For this year’s event, the Cultural Agency of Yogyakarta held a Javanese literary dialogue during the Bincang Sastra Jawa talk show, involving the Cultural Agency and Gramedia, intent on building a strong literary ecosystem in the cultural heart of Central Java. 

The Bincang Sastra show, held at Gramedia Sudirman, Yogyakarta, ran from November 7 to 10, 2022, and featured Yogyakarta youngsters in Dimas Diajeng, Duta Museum. Literary communities from several universities in Yogyakarta were in attendance. 

Head of the Yogyakarta Cultural Agency Yetti Martanti, S.Sos., M.M, said that the literary dialogue between writers and literary communities aimed to build a cultural ecosystem in Yogyakarta. 

The dialogue lasted four days, covering topics related to Javanese literature and presenting speakers from different disciplines: writers, philologists, Javanese literature practitioners and officials of the city of Yogyakarta. The dialogue covered a talk on Javanese Literature, Javanese Mysticism, a Javanese Horoscope (Primbon and Javanese Astrology) and Exhibition Curator Talks. 


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