Wayang Jogja Night Carnival 2020

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Wayang Jogja Night Carnival (WJNC) is an annual event that has been running for 5 years, as a part of the Yogyakarta City Anniversary series. WJNC is a street carnival that combines puppet characters and plays with contemporary choreography, fashion, and music. The event has always been a successful annual agenda awaited by the public and tourists in Jogja. Also, this year the event was held as our collective effort to become a national Event Of Calendar (EOC), WJNC. 

“As our commitment as WJNC organizers to have the event adhered to health protocols, WJNC virtual broadcasts have been carried out via YouTube live streaming on October 21 at 18.30 through the channels: Jogja City Government, Dalang Seno, Ki Seno Nugroho, Labs Channel, and Jogja Project Musicians. Through live streaming, people can still enjoy the WJNC event from home without violating health protocols. It is hoped that the virtual WJNC screening does not diminish the value and essence of the show. Following the spirit of the Yogyakarta City Anniversary, this time Tan Mingkuh Tumapak ing Jaman Anyar, Live Streaming via YouTube is expected to be one of the applications of our passion for work and creation,” explained Drs. Maryustion Tonang, MM, Head of Yogyakarta City Tourism Office. 

On October 19, 2020, pictures were taken at 4 interesting locations in the city of Jogja. The shooting was accompanied by the appearance of an acoustic band, mini orchestra, and dances which will be broadcast in conjunction with YouTube live streaming on October 21, 2020. The four shooting locations are Gondomanan Fort Corner, Ngasem Market Plaza, Pal Putih Monument, and Suroto Pedestrian. At Pojok Benteng, a Mini Orchestra was performing Yogyakarta, Anoman Obong, Kebyar-kebyar. At Plaza Ngasem, they performed crazy dances, Mentjoba, Guyub Nusontoro, and Neng Omah Wae. The Pal Putih Tugu displays the Solah Buto and Wadhana Ananggadipa dances. In Pedestrian Suroto an acoustic band performed the song “Jangan Salah Menilai”, “Seandainya Aku Punya Sayap”, and “Layang Kangen.” 

The WJNC performance this time took the play of Babad Alas Mertani. This play was chosen because it felt relevant to our circumstances today. This play tells the story of the Pandavas who were faced with new conditions and challenges in a new place, Alas Mertani. Alas Mertani is a dense forest where wild beasts and genies live which also famous for its danger and awesomeness, was a tough challenge for the Pandavas. The struggle and cohesiveness of the Pandavas against the invisible enemy can be an example for us. “The spirit of Tan Mingkuh Pandavas in fighting the enemy, the Pandavas arrival in Alas Mertani, and their efforts in covering up their respective shortcomings we feel relevant and representative of what we are facing today. We hope that this play can be an actual reflection for us. Especially during the current pandemic. With virtual broadcasts and play selection, we hope this year’s WJNC can be a spectacle for the Indonesian people, especially the people of Yogyakarta. We also hope that this year’s WJNC can also inspire creative people to keep working without neglecting the Health Protocol. This time, WJNC also cooperates with local artists such as Ki Seno Nugroho, Tri Suaka, Dimas Tejo, Srundeng Angkringan, Sothil Angkringan, Trinil Angkringan, Michela Thea, Putri Manjo, Avie Koesnadi, and many others,” concluded Drs. Maryustion Tonang, MM.