Traveloka to cooperate with JR West

On the middle, Caesar Indra (CEO of Traveloka) and Kenji Uno (General Manager of Inbound Tourism Div. Marketing Department JR-WEST) sign MoU. (photo: IO/Raihan)

IO, Jakarta – Travel and lifestyle platform Traveloka has officially launched a new product, in cooperation with West Japan Railway (JR-West).

Traveloka Rail and Connectivity VP Abraham Soedjito stated that with the introduction of this product, tourists travelling to Japan can now buy JR-West train tickets through Traveloka. “Other businesses sell JR-West in Indonesia online, but the process is confusing and it troubles consumers,” Abraham said when encountered at Pullman Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday (11/07/2019).

Traveloka’s new product, the Find #PASSYANGPAS, offers e-mail tickets, ticket pickup or shipping, and 100% refundability. Find #PASSYANGPAS, or “find the proper pass”, is a Traveloka effort to help tourists choose the route that includes their desired destinations at the best price. E-mail and pickup or shipping tickets are the features provided for delivering tickets. When travelers order tickets, they can choose whether to pick them up directly at the airport, have them sent via e-mail, directly delivered to their home or office, or printed at the automatic machine in Japan. Finally, Traveloka offers a 100% refund to consumers who cancel their JR-West ticket purchase through Traveloka.

Both Traveloka and JR-West expect 15% out of the 400,000 Indonesian tourists who travel to Japan will buy JR-West tickets through the platform that can be accessed starting today, Friday (12/07/2019). “We are not setting our targets too high, because this is the first stage of our cooperation. We hope, however, that at least 15% of tourists will order their tickets from Traveloka,” said Inbound Tourism General Manager of JR-West’s Marketing Department, Kenji Uno.

Uno said that the tickets will be sold in Indonesian currency. However, the price would naturally fluctuate according to the Yen exchange rate against the Rupiah. “It is payable in Rupiah, but it will follow current Yen exchange rate. But don’t worry – we will still provide tickets at the best price,” he said. (Rei)