Theatrical film “Bunga Semerah Darah” to be shown for the first time at TIM

Bunga Semerah Darah
(Source: Special)

Jakarta, IO – Baling-Baling Theater together with the Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival (BWCF) and Djarum Bakti Budaya will soon show the theatrical film “Bunga Semerah Darah” (flower as red as blood), a script written by WS Rendra in 1950 when he was still in his second year of junior high school. It will premiere at Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Friday (11/11).

Iwan Burnani Toni, 71, a senior alumnus of the Bengkel Theatre will direct the show. He will show a wide-screen format film with a mixture of off-stage scenes such as street, home interior, and stage play.

Iwan admitted that the process of taking pictures on stage was not taken one take or one shot – or once it was done like the process of documenting a theater performance. This means that the shooting approach that Iwan uses is exactly like producing a film.

“I took all the scenes on the stage cut to cut, just like filming the film, so that it is cinematic,” said Iwan, according to the media release received by the editors, Monday (7/11).

Iwan’s artistic work, which combines theatre and film, is relatively new to the art scene in Indonesia. The difficulty is even more complicated because both forms have their own challenges.