The Jakarta 2022 KPOPLAND Festival

The Jakarta 2022 KPOPLAND Festival
Monsta X’s Kihyun ended the 2022 Jakarta KPOPLAND festival. (Source: PRIMA ADHYASA ARINDRA)

Alice was invited to interact with VICTON members from various corners of the stage and was thrilled over it. Byung Chan took a rose from a fan with a smile. 

VICTON revealed that the members enjoyed Indonesian food. Seungsik even admitted that he had fried rice and satay. The members prepared an unforgettable surprise for Hanse, whose birthday is on September 25. VICTON and Alice immediately sang ‘Saengil Chukahamnida’ (Korean birthday song). 

KARD performed right after VICTON and sang a total of seven songs, including their newest song, Ring the Alarm, followed by Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, RED MOON, and Dumb Litty. 

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BM, Somin, J.seph, and Jiwoo mentioned that they had two more days to spend in Indonesia and asked for food recommendations from the crowding fans, and the fans told them to try a lot of dishes from Nasi Padang to Seblak. They might have had both by now! 

MONSTA X’s Kihyun was the last one to appear and amazed the fans at KPOPLAND 2022 In Jakarta with his famous tunes Voyager, One Day, Someone’s Someone and Rain. (ast)