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The Indonesia 3 Team won third place in the 2023 ASEAN+3 Center for the Gifted in Science event


Jakarta, IO – Our Indonesian children never cease to amaze us. Another proud news and a joyful moment came from three students of Al Izhar Pondok Labu Middle School (SMP), Jakarta. Kalya Mahiya Pravina, Arrayan Emiro Mihelde and Cleantha Haziqa Andries represented Indonesia in the 2023 ASEAN +3 Center for the Gifted in Science.

Nine countries participated in the 2023 ASEAN +3 Center for the Gifted in Science workshop, including South Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Sweden. The event was attended by approximately 130 participants who took part in three science topics: physics, chemistry, and biology.

Al Izhar Pondok Labu Middle School won 3rd place in the Cultural Night Award category during the event for raising tempeh as the typical Indonesian fermented food and relating tempeh as part of the Indonesian culture and resources. The Al Izhar students were able to associate their speech with the topic given by the workshop official: “What would the world be like without fermentation?”

Observer had the opportunity to talk to Kalya Mahiya Pravina, one of the participants in the ASEAN +3 Center for the Gifted in Science. “I am the youngest representative in the Indonesia #3 team, from SMP Al Izhar Pondok Labu. I am the only 8th-grader, while the other two participants are 9th-graders,” Kalya smiled.

Kalya is very proud of herself. “I am beyond humbled and proud to win 3rd place in an international science competition. Very grateful and happy,” she said.

Kalya and her two peers have taken pride as Indonesian children in the international science event. “I’m proud to be an Indonesian child. This early year victory is a mood booster to keep our spirit high in achieving other international events and make Indonesia proud,” she said.

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What part of her speech was so inspiring at the ASEAN +3 Center for the Gifted in Science? “I’m talking about Indonesia’s natural resources; we have thousands of beautiful islands. Indonesia is culturally diverse, up to the food variety. Our potential as the children of the nation is to keep contributing to the nation’s progress. My team and I are proud Indonesian children who wish to make our country proud. We will try to maintain and increase our potential as the young Indonesian generation,” she ended. (des)


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