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Survey: 59% of public don’t believe Brig. J’s murder case will see justice done


Jakarta, IO – The premeditated murder of Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat (Brig. J), which occurred last July, has continued to capture public attention. The development of this case is a fodder for discourse in cyberspace.

Recently, pollster Indonesian Political Opinion (IPO) released the results of a survey that provide a snapshot of the public’s views on the case investigation that resulted in five individuals being named suspects. The majority of respondents did not believe the murder case will be solved justly.

“59 percent answered don’t believe, 6 percent strongly don’t believe, 28 percent believe, 2 strongly believe, 5 percent don’t know,” said IPO director Dedi Kurnia Syah Putra, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Wednesday (26/10).

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Not only that, the survey found that the majority of the public (53 percent) considered that the state of law enforcement in Indonesia is still poor, compared to 36 percent who said it is already good.

The survey, which involved 1,200 respondents, was conducted from October 19-24. (un)


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