Suppressing the spread of Covid-19, designer Cynthia Tan shares 1000 masks

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

 IO, Jakarta – The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia has encouraged many to join in with the public and the Government in preventing the spread of this virus. Indonesia’s talented designer Cynthia Tan is no exception; she has designed many celebrity wedding dresses, one of them for Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani at a reception in Bali, and another for Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, along with Bunga Citra Lestari stage costumes worn at the Ronan Keating concert in Jakarta, February 29, 2020. 

Since the Government of Indonesia announced the first case of Covid-19 infection in Indonesia on March 2, 2020, the number of these cases has shot up, in part because of insufficient basic protection for the community, one aspect of which is a mask. Since the initial alert, masks and several other medical devices have become scarce; scalpers are hoarding them and charging extremely steep prices for them, rendering it next to impossible to afford for ordinary people who need them. 

Seeing this situation and being inspired by the “brave” action of her younger sister, Dr. Reinetta Tanujaya who, works as a doctor in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, included in COVID-19 affected areas, Cynthia Tan was moved to participate in the humanitarian action “Share 1000 Masks” to impede the spread of Covid-19 and ease the burden on the people in Indonesia who have trouble getting masks. 

“I was inspired by my younger sister. She is at the forefront of fighting this epidemic by helping infected patients. Then I saw that in Indonesia, masks are very rare and the price is also expensive. “I was moved to participate so that the outbreak did not spread and people who had difficulty getting masks could have masks to protect themselves,” explained Cynthia, excited. 

Cynthia Tan, assisted by Special Textile as her fabric supplier, will distribute 1000 masks to people in need. “I see that many people from underprivileged families find it difficult to get a mask. Also, the daily workers who have to keep working during the quarantine period like an online motorbike taxi and so on. Because they are the backbone of the family who rely on their daily income to meet their family needs,” said this woman who graduated from the Istituto Marangoni design school in London. 

The way to secure one of these masks is quite easy. Those who request it only need to repost the artwork or notification in Cynthia Tan’s Instagram account, @cynthiatan__ and explain the reason for getting the mask. “My goal is to ask for the artwork or notification to be reposted, I just want this information to be widely known to the public, among whom are the people who live in the red zone who need a mask,” said the designer of Sandra Dewi’s wedding dress. 

The Covid-19 outbreak also impacted the business that Cynthia Tan was running. Currently, many wedding dress designs are forced to be delayed. However, that did not dampen her intention to share for the sake of humanity. “Many weddings are forced to be postponed because of this outbreak. I also suggested to clients to postpone them for the sake of health,” said Cynthia. 

Finally, Cynthia Tan reminded the public to participate in breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19 by staying at home and following the Government’s recommendations. “I ask the public to remain at home so that they can help the medical workers break the chain of infection of Covid-19,” concluded Cynthia Tan.