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Semana Santa, an Easter tradition of Portuguese legacy in Larantuka


laskar laut
(Source: Antara/Kornelis Kaha)

At the Tuan Meninu procession, the statue was put inside a coffin and was escorted to the port. There, the procession continues by a boat, accompanied by hundreds of boats.

In the procession of the statues of Tuan Ma and Tuan Ana, the two statues were brought from their respective chapels to Rheina Rosari Larantuka Cathedral. Then they were paraded around part of Larantuka. Tuan Ma is positioned behind Tuan Ana, signifying Virgin Mary accompanying Jesus.

This long procession would be physically exhausting for Rosman. However, at the same time it quenched his spiritual thirst.

“I contemplated all my sins throughout my life. Afterward I felt peace of mind. There is satisfaction and relief,” said Rosman. (rr)


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