Rajata Exhibits: silver and tales within

(Photo: Prive . Doc)

IO – “Rajata” is a Sanskrit word that means “silver”. Silver is closely associated with Yogyakarta, along with the growth of Kotagede as a silver handicraft center which is thought to have emerged since the Islamic Mataram Kingdom period (16 AD). 

On the other hand, the Kunstambachtsschool or the Arts and Crafts School, which was founded by the Java Institute at the Sonobudoyo Museum, has contributed to the development of ornamental arts in silver.

This is because the establishment of the Kunstambachtsschool was intended to educate local people in producing silver as a craft and tableware to be used by Colonial Nobles and Elites. 

Silver stories and story knick-knacks, among them, were later present in an exhibition entitled Rajata: Silver and Tales Within. This exhibition was held by the Sonobudoyo Museum from August 4 to August 24, 2020, at the Temporary Exhibition Building at 09.00-21.00 WIB. Even in limited conditions, visitors can witness the silver exhibition directly while adhering to health protocols. The number of visitors to the exhibition hall is also limited to 25 people. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition in approximately 30 minutes. 

“This exhibition tells the journey of silver for centuries ago. History brings the story of silver and Sonobudoyo on a common thread through the Kunnstambachtsschool. Through the exhibition, Sonobudoyo hopes that the silver industry will continue to be sustainable, especially in Yogyakarta and Kotagede,” said the head of the Sonobudoyo Museum, Setyawan Sahli, S.E., M.M., in his speech. 

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