Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2020


IO – The Prambanan Jazz Festival (PJF) Virtual Festival 2020 is a live-streaming event broadcast from the venue with the longest duration in Indonesia, from 16.00 to 22.00 WIB. These broadcasts share live performances into virtual form.

What’s more, the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival also fills a time lag by bringing audiences closer to performing artists through the backstage atmosphere of PJF, in a way never imagined. The arrival of performers is also recorded, so that the audience can also view the process from the beginning of a show to the end.

Although the audiences cannot be directly at the venue, they can still feel the sensation of watching a live concert.

Rajawali Indonesia, as the promoter of the 2020 Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival, has installed a fan wall. Through this screen, they can directly interact with artists such as watching live music concerts. Likewise, performers at the event can also interact with fans who watch virtually from home.

Throughout the performance, the audience can also watch the screening of the Prambanan Jazz Festival documentary, including presenting interviews and stories from people behind the stage of this grand six-yearold event.

The documentary emphasizes the Prambanan Jazz Festival as the only world-class music festival born in Yogyakarta, from the fusion of the melody and splendor of Prambanan Temple: the Prambanan Jazz Festival is not just a festival, but dedication, loyalty, and the struggle of many hands.

Even though he cut back one hour due to technical problems due to weather, Joko In Berlin was still the opening act for the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival on the first day, Saturday, October 31, 2020. The band fronted by Mellita Sie (vocalist), Kelana Halim (guitar), Fran Rabit (bass), Popo Fauza (keyboard), and Aditya Subakti (drums), performed six songs, namely 3 Am, Pesawat Kertas, Misanthropy, Senyap, Senja, and Euphoria.

Fourtwnty became the second performer on the first day of the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2020. Ari Lesmana, the vocalist, also performed six songs entitled Realita, Diam-Diam Kubawa Satu, Hitam Putih, Zona Nyaman, Nematomorpha, and Fana Merah Jambu.

That was followed by Isyana Sarasvati, who this year returned to fill the Prambanan Jazz Festival stage. In this virtual concert, she sang eight songs, namely Lexicon, Sikap Duniawi, Mad, Ragu Semesta, Pendekar Cahaya, Lagu Malam Hari, Untuk Hati yang Terluka, and Unlock The Key.

“I’m happy to be playing again at last, and hopefully this will be an encouragement to rise from adversity,” said Isyana Sarasvati at the end of her performance.

Pusakata became the next performer, and also carried eight hits, entitled Berdua Saja, Kita, Kita Hanya Sebentar, Pejamkan Matamu, Jalan Pulang, Aku, Kau, dan Malam, Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang dalam Pelukan, dan Akad.

Tompi, who at the Prambanan Jazz Festival this time became the visual director, also filled the stage and entertained the audience with seven songs, most of which were featured, including, Selalu Denganmu and Menghujam Jantungku.

A talented young woman named Dere also enlivened the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2020 with her newest single, titled Kota, which was co-written by Tulus.

“I see a talent in Dere that might bring her career to a great extent,” said Tulus.

Tulus’ appearance closed the first day of the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2020. In his live streaming, Tulus said that he couldn’t wait to return to the Prambanan Jazz Festival to be able to meet in person. “Tonight I will perform in a different format, but still with the same spirit.” Tulus presented a series of songs, including Gajah, Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya, Labirin, Tukar Jiwa, and Adaptasi. Founder and CEO of the Prambanan Jazz Festival, Anas Syahrul Alimi, said that actually, this event was not completely virtual. “This is a hybrid because the artist also plays directlyat the venue,” he said.

Anas revealed that limited efforts to bring the audience to the venue had been carried out until the last second. He has created a standing concept for the audience in the form of a fence box that contains a maximum of four people. This concept was adopted from the concert in Newcastle UK. However, it did not get permission due to the pandemic situation.

“Even though it is not a competition, the situation challenges us to survive in the future. By carrying out a new concept, the Prambanan Jazz Festival is back with thirteen of the country’s best musicians, to bring back glory amid a pandemic that changes everything,” said Anas.

The Co-Founder of the Prambanan Jazz Festival, Bakkar Wibowo, revealed that this festival carries a spirit of collaboration and not competition. He is worried that creativity stagnates, therefore he is constantly innovating to find new formulas so that the festival always runs in all situations. “The success of Prambanan Jazz is the success of our team,” said Bakkar.

A strict health protocol is enforced throughout the 2020 Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival. All artists and crew who enter the venue are required to show the results of a rapid test. The DIY COVID-19 Task Force is also outside the entrance and requires visitors who come and have not brought a rapid test result letter to take the test first.

Inside the venue, all people without exception are obliged to wear masks and keep their distance. Hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers are also available in several corners.

On the second day, Ardhito Pramono, TheEverydayBand, Nadin Amizah, Pamungkas, Sinten Remen feat Endah Laras, and Yura Yunita were the performers of this prestigious music event. Musicians will present their songs in a jazz version.

Sinten Remen with Endah Laras, apart from presenting a keroncong music orchestra, a tribute to Djaduk Ferianto was also presented. On this occasion, there was a special conversation with the people closest to the departed. A tribute to the maestro and artist who has contributed a lot to the world of music and art in Indonesia.