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Prabowo-Megawati roundtable talks


IO – Jakarta – The deputy Chairman of the Gerindra party  Edhy Prabowo reveals the contents of one-on-one talks between Prabowo Subianto and the PDIP Chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri, which lasted approximately an hour.  There are a number of topics which are delivered by the Gerindra Party Chairman to Megawati.

The First, it is regarding Prabowo’s readiness to help the government if he is requested by Jokowi.  On the other hand, Prabowo also emphasizes his readiness to be in opposition for the sake of nation and state.

“Mr. Prabowo also emphasizes, what he conveyed to us, that principally the same as what he had said to Pak Jokowi before, that if we are needed, we are ready. However if we are not (needed), we are in outside, and it is not a big deal.” Edhy said at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (07/25/2019).

“Well, once again, if we are indeed needed, principally, for the sake of Red and White, and Garuda, yes Pak Prabowo is ready.” Edhy added

Prabowo, said Edhy, also conveyed to Megawati that his party does not want to distract the harmony in the Jokowi coalition.  Considering that many parties worried that the joining of Gerindra is only to target the government positions.

“Do not worry about us as if we were going to take office and so on. We have been outside the government for ten years. And for us to build the country does not have to be with position.  “In fact,  he has dedicated his life as an army for 30 years, and it is countless how many times he almost lost his life. Therefore, it is ridiculous if his  goal is just that small,” said Edhy.

“Moreover, we also don’t fell comfortable in our internal as there are still many people who support and complain. about it internally, we also complain a lot, yes, those who complain. However, the point is people think as if we looked for a position. That’s not right.” he added.Edhy stresses that Prabowo’s readiness if being asked by Jokowi to jointly build the nation is solely for the sake of Red and White, nothing else. Reconciliation is done to build the country, not to target positions.

“This is also how we are from the coalition next door should do after (the election)  finished, and no 01 was announced as the winner.  we must reconcile, and if there is a question who proposed the reconciliation, Yes, both parties initiate it. Nobody feels superior and so on.  “And we put ourselves  equally because we both are building the country,” Edhy said.

However, said Edhy, Prabowo returns the decision to the President.  Prabowo only said he is ready if  Jokowi indeed asks him to help in the government.  “That’s all, the decision is all at the president,” Edhy said.  (dsy)


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