Anies Baswedan’s response to meeting Surya Paloh

Anies Baswedan. (photo: IO/Rei)

IO, Jakarta – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan declared he only discussed issues concerning the Capital City during a meeting with Surya Paloh, Chairman of NasDem party, yesterday. He denies they talked about politics in 2024

“No (discussion about 2024). We talked mostly about Jakarta and its needs,” Anies told reporters at Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Thursday (07/25/2019).

When asked whether NasDem supports his work program in DKI Jakarta, Anies had no comment, reiterating that his meeting with Surya Paloh was focused only on DKI Jakarta.  “Talking about Jakarta, the focus is on Jakarta,” Anies said.

Previously, Surya had emphasized that his Party gives its all-out support to Anies, in his role as Governor of  DKI.  When asked about the chance of Anies advancing to the 2024 presidential election, Surya declined to comment, saying he would let Anies himself decide. He would however express his support should Anies finally make the move.

“In 2024 it all depends on Anies. There must be an intention, and all good intentions must be maintained as long as possible,” Surya said.

“God willing, if all goes well and is in line with expectations, God willing. If everything is like what we hope for, the support should not only come from one group, including one NasDem political institution. We hope that the parties will support all of the  nation’s children to fulfill their capacity and  the leadership capability for the sake of this country,” continued Surya Paloh answering the question whether NasDem will support Anies in the 2024 Presidential Election. (dsy)