Traveloka introduces multiple-city flight feature

Fly to an array of destinations. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Traveloka, one of the foremost online travel and lifestyle booking service providers in Southeast Asia, constantly focuses on its users’ needs, and how to provide convenience for them. Its latest feature, the Multiple-city Flight, allows users to order flight tickets for several flights in a single transaction. Users can buy round-trip tickets for up to five destinations at once, with a choice of domestic and international destinations: Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Europe, and the United States.

In the “Multiple-city Flight” launch, Caesar Indra, Traveloka’s Transport CEO, explained “In order to continue to satisfy users’ needs and to provide them with sustainable solutions, we strive to accommodate their travel needs. People tend to jump from one city to another when traveling abroad. This multiple-city flight feature will greatly expedite their travel. Using this feature, Traveloka users can explore more interesting tourism destinations at a more affordable price, by making a single bulk order. Furthermore, this feature helps travelers to make their travel schedule more flexible, because they can go on their journey without having to return to their original destination city.”

Traveloka’s internal data shows that medium and long-haul flight grew 70% YoY in Quarter I of 2019, and is expected to continue expanding throughout the year. Indonesians can now afford to travel more abroad, and they do. South Korea is now one of the most favored destinations in Asia. Other hot destinations include Japan, the Netherlands, France, and England.

Indonesian tourists tend to visit more than one city on each trip: when visiting South Korea, for example, they would land in Seoul, then travel to Busan or Jeju, and onwards before finally making their way home from the last city they visited. With their Multiple-City Flight, Traveloka seeks to encourage its users to explore the world around them, as well as to show their commitment to accommodate the needs of their users.

Also present at the launching was Andrew Jonghoon Kim, Director of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Jakarta. He stated, “Within the past few years, Korea has exceeded the Korea Wave and it is getting better-known as a favorite tourism destination for Indonesians. According to our statistical data, the average annual increase of Indonesian tourists has been consistently over 10% for the past 5 years. Therefore, as a primary partner (of Traveloka), we gratefully welcome this multiple-city flight feature as Traveloka’s latest innovation. We believe that this feature signifies positive support for the number of Indonesian tourists who want to visit Korea, especially since using this new feature, Indonesia travelers can freely explore the most favored tourism destinations in South Korea, such as Seoul, Busan, and Jeju.”

Traveloka was fully supported by Bank Mandiri during the launching of its multiple-city flight feature. Bank Mandiri’s Senior Vice President of Credit Cards, Vira Widiyasari, stated that the Bank’s cooperation with Traveloka is mostly inspired by the Company’s desire to serve whatever needs of their clients, especially in relation to the traveling lifestyle supported by increased per capita income of the people. “Bank Mandiri and Traveloka has been maintaining promotional cooperation since 2014. Bank Mandiri constantly provides full support of all of Traveloka’s initiatives, including in this multiple-city flight launch. Users of Mandiri credit cards who perform multiple-city flight transactions will obtain an additional discount of up to Rp 500,000.00 and an installment plan of up to 12 months that can be combined with Traveloka discounts to a maximum value of Rp 1,500,000.00. We are optimistic that this cooperation can increase transaction frequencies for Mandiri credit cards and Traveloka,” she said.

The multiple-city flight offer is available in the Traveloka v. 3.9 app or higher for both Android and iOS. It is also accessible via desktop. This feature also contains “Smart Combo”, which shows you affordable air ticket prices for single and return trips. “This is part of Traveloka’s commitment to provide comprehensive and integrated travel and lifestyle solutions. We understand that foreign travel will continue to grow. This is why we provide the multiple-city flight features that our users have been using since April,” Caesar said.