Prabowo: Indonesia needs strong TNI and Polri

Temui Kapolri, Prabowo- Indonesia Butuh TNI dan Polri yang Kuat
Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto met with Police Chief Gen. Listyo S Prabowo. (IO/Prabowo’s Media Team).

Jakarta, IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto said Indonesia needs strong armed forces (TNI) and national police (Polri) to safeguard the country’s integrity.

This was conveyed by Prabowo when he met with the Police Chief Gen. Listyo S Prabowo at the National Police headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/9).

The chairman of the Gerindra Party is also committed to continuously support the security forces. According to him, TNI and Polri are the Republic’s last guarantor.

“We need a strong and tough police force. We need strong armed forces. I will always support the buildup of a strong police force,” Prabowo reiterated, as reported by Antara, Thursday (29/9).

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Prabowo was accompanied by several defense ministry. He was personally welcomed by Listyo and they had a warm and cordial conversation. On that occasion, Prabowo gifted Listyo a silver-black G2 Elite pistol made by PT Pindad. (un)