Police arrest woman alleged of conning 106 would-be umrah pilgrims

(Source: Megapolitan Okezone)

Jakarta, IO – A woman, identified as CGV, 39, is alleged of defrauding 106 prospective umrah pilgrims, causing a loss of Rp1,8 billion. She offered a false promise to facilitate their departure to the holy land at unreasonably low cost.

“She managed to collect Rp200 million from 11 victims. She promised them that they can depart to Saudi Arabia on December 2, 2022,” said Bogor Police Chief Bismo, reported BeritaSatu, Thursday (2/2).

The woman is a resident of the Bubulak village, Bogor, and was arrested at her house near Sentul. “We have gathered several pieces of evidence including bank statements, proof of conversations on WhatsApp, bank account books, meningitis vaccine certificates, identity cards and passports of victims,” said Bismo.

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Meanwhile, the perpetrator admitted that she was tricked by a Saudi citizen who claimed that he can facilitate umrah pilgrimage at a low cost. “I was promised that I can send pilgrims up to 100-150 people at a cost of between Rp5 million and Rp12.5 million,” said the perpetrator. (bp)