The uniqueness of Puja Mandala, 5 houses of worship in one complex

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

Bali, IO – Beyond its beautiful beaches, culture and nature, the island of Bali is also known for its religious harmony. Puja Mandala, where five houses of worship are built in the same area, is a testament to this.

Situated on Kuruksetra Street, Nusa Dua, Bali, the place is very strategic for anyone who wants to worship or just marvel at its beauty. In late January 2023, had the opportunity to visit the 2-hectare complex.

Upon entering the complex, we will find a parking lot that is so wide that it can accommodate dozens of buses. On the left, one can see sellers hawking various kinds of Balinese clothes and crafts. Puja Mandala is to the right of the parking lot. Near the gate, we will see a banyan tree, considered sacred by the Balinese. It is wrapped in cloth and there were various Balinese-style offerings.