MK rules against interfaith marriage petition

Constitutional Court (MK)
Anwar Usman (Source:

Jakarta, IO – Constitutional Court (MK) on Tuesday (31/1) rejected the judicial review on Marriage Law (Law 1/1974) Article 2(1) by petitioner Ramos Petege on account that it has no legal basis.

Ramos, a Catholic, planned to marry a Moslem woman but the marriage had to be canceled because it is not allowed under the Marriage Law. He filed the petition because he felt that his constitutional right has been violated.

In its ruling, MK argued that the article does not restrict freedom of religion but only regulate legitimate marriage norms.
Furthermore, MK stated that there is no urgency to shift from its previous decisions because there is no change in the circumstance or new development with regard to the legitimacy of marriage registration according to the constitution.

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“MK stands by its position that legitimate marriage according to the constitution is the one held according to one’s own religion or faith,” said justice Wahiduddin. (bp)