Ananda Sukarlan: Music consists both talent and hardwork

(Source: Signature Music Academy)

Jakarta, IO – International pianist and composer, Ananda Sukarlan visited Bekasi for the first time on Sunday (29/1). In collaboration with Signature Music Academy, he led a masterclass consisting 7 students that will also participate in a later Student Concert by the end of the event.

Starting off with masterclass, the students were taught directly by Ananda himself. Some of them played pieces of their choice and receiving feedback while implementing new techniques to perform later.

The event continues with a discussion session by Ananda with the audience. Parents and students were given the chance to ask directly anything relating to the piano study.

One of the most notable thing that he points out during the discussion was the encouragement towards every piano students that are currently striving to be better.

When asked about whether music consists talent or hard work, he answers both plays an important role in music.
“Music consists 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work. People might say what I have right now is talent, but what they don’t see is the time that I spent practicing,” he says during the session at Insitu Lakeside Experience.

He underlines that it takes time for someone to master the piano. It needs dedication to practice consistently to achieve a good result.