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Meuthia Z. Rizki MZR Vitaskin, a means for investing in your skin early


Jakarta, IO – Meuthia Z. “Thia” Rizki. Even though her name is usually connected to talks relating to Alpha Life Transformation (ALT) and Financial Attraction (FA), the author of best seller Pikiran Adalah Kunci (“The Mind is Key”) is branching into a new business. What could it be? 

“Yes, I’m busy with content creation, as well as teaching public and corporate classes,” she said, at the start of our talk that afternoon. “However, that is my old business, not the new one.” 

We always find it a pleasure to talk with Thia, sharing interesting, novel thoughts. For example, she believes that an independent and empowered woman must have a business. Why is that? “Because when given the chance, women are much better at optimizing situations than men. We have much better emotional intelligence than them. My experience proves that women are simply smarter, more sympathetic, and more empathetic than men. We are even tougher than them in many situations,” she laughs. 

However, many women find themselves suffering from restrictions to accessing capital. This is the primary cause of women’s reluctance to start a business. “However, there are actually options available to us. Here is my personal experience: I did not have such a large capital base at first, so I started off selling other people’s products. We started by selling services first. Then, and most importantly, we needed to establish broad friendship networks. It’s like I said in my book, ‘more friends, more fortune’. For example, you’re great at doing makeup, but nobody uses your services. Or if you’re a great cook or baker, but nobody buys your food. So it’s undeniable, especially with the presence of social media nowadays: we can attract new friends with similar interests, in the drive to further our business,” Thia said. 


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