Kedaireka reaches out to universities and industries

universities and industries

Jakarta, IO – Kedaireka is undertaking a Penta-helix project in collaboration with KADIN Indonesia and BPP HIPMI, socializing the 2023 Matching Fund (MF) 2023, at an online event Monday, January 9, 2023. The event aims to build an innovation ecosystem that involves the World of Industry and Business (DUDI) with the higher education sector and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research & Technology (Kemendikbudristek). 

The Kedaireka Matching Fund Program is a sponsored funding program from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, involving the university and the Business World of Industry (DUDI), responding to challenges in the industrial world to form a Free Learning ecosystem – Kampus Merdeka. The program is intended to respond to challenges and needs with a strategic collaboration in obtaining research-based solutions. 

Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Ir. Nizam, Ph.D., expressed his gratitude to the people from the university and industry for their enthusiasm in the Kedaireka Matching Fund program over the previous two years. 

“This is the third year and we believe that the Kedaireka Matching Fund is the best avenue to support collaboration and create innovation between universities and industry,” he said. This year’s Kedaireka program will be about building industry and campus partnerships. Plt. Director General of Diktiristek Kemendikbudristek, Prof. Ir. Nizam, PhD.; Head of PMO Kedaireka, Dr. Ing Mahir Bayasut; Main Commissioner Ilthabi Rekatama & Head of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Research and Technology, Dr. ing. Ilham A. Habibie. MBA; and Secretary General of BPP HIPMI Dr. Anggawira, MM. MH helped to socialize the program. 

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“I hope innovation will reach further down as more industrial problems are taken care within the research agenda in the universities. The Kampus Merdeka penta-helix innovation strategy will positively impact both economic development and national sovereignty,” concluded Nizam.