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Kapal Api’s Campus Talk empowers youth in social entrepreneurship


IO, Jakarta – PT Santos Jaya Abadi, through its coffee brand “Kopi Kapal Api” has held a Campus Talk event titled “Social Enterprise” at the State Univer­sity of Malang, in the continuation of its Secangkir Semangat #BuatNyataTu­juanmu (A cup of enthusiasm #realize your goals) program. The event was made with the intent of spreading so­cial entrepreneurship or “sociopreneur­ship” through inspiring and applicative programs, while reaffirming Kopi Kapal Api’s long-term commitment to the de­velopment of Indonesia’s youth in social entrepreneurship.

“Campus Talk is a place where youth can further understand social business­es, especially those who are already planning to start or those who have already started off. Through this event, Kopi Kapal Api hopes to contribute to the support of youth as movers of social and economic wheels of Indonesia in the future,” explained Johnway Suwarsono, Kapal Api’s Group Brand Manager.

The event will host successful social entrepreneurs in the Secangkir Seman­gat #BuatNyataTujuanmu program, with moderator Darius Sinathrya to discuss issues surrounding the topic. They will also share knowledge, tips, and inspiring stories behind their social businesses that empower local people in their area to achieve better lives, in front of thousands of enthusiastic students.

Leonard Theosasbrata, Indoestri Markerspace founder who attended the Campus Talk event, said “Building a business that can be positive and give real solutions for the public is not easy: you must be serious and consistent. The most important thing I did before starting is finding out “why” first as with a strong reason and goal I could enjoy the process and not give up easily. Other than that, we must also believe in ourselves and the business we have created”.

In agreement with Leo, co-founder Du’Anyam, Azalea Ayuningtyas said that “Besides impacting the socio-eco­nomics of the public through empow­erment, a social business must also be thought out and planned long-term so it is sustainable; thus, the business can continue to develop and reach a wider audience”.

Meanwhile, House of Diamonds founder and Secangkir Semangat #BuatNyataTujuanmu mentor from Malang, Nur Cholidah and Noor Fa­dillah said that “Sharing knowledge about sociopreneurship has been one of our goals since we created and starting operating House of Diamonds. Starting a social business is challeng­ing. Youth that want to become socio­prenuers must be smart in combining their social goals into their businesses by observing everyday problems near them”.

Kopi Kapal Api, through the Secan­gkir Semangat #BuatNyataTujuanmu program previously held Networking, Apprenticeship and Workshop Soci­opreneur events in six different cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogya­karta, Surabaya, and Malang. Campus Talk will move on to the Yogyakarta University of National Development on September 24, 2018 and the Indonesia University of Education, Bandung on September 27.

The Secangkir Semangat #Buat­NyataTujuanmu has awoken a spirit of social entrepreneurship among In­donesian youth between 20-35 and is still opening social business proposal registrations through www.secan­ Currently, there are more than 3,500 proposals registered with 20,000 people in the Secangkir Semangat movement, which will run until September 30, 1028. The entire program will run until February 2019.

Three of the best proposals will re­ceive grants for their businesses. The first-place winner will receive Rp 250 million and mentoring from Yoris Se­bastian, Founder and Creative Think­er of Oh My Goodness (OMG). Second place will receive Rp 100 million while third will receive Rp 50 million. (Aldo)

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