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Jokowi: 22 Countries restrict food export due to climate change


Jakarta, IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said 22 countries have restricted their food exports, including rice, due to increasingly pronounced impacts of climate change.

Jokowi said this was in stark contrast to the past, when rice-producing countries actually offered to export their surplus stock to other countries, per Kompas, Thu (30/11).

Jokowi also revealed that apart from global warming, restrictions on food exports by a number of countries were due to global uncertainty, especially the geopolitical situations. For example, the unexpected wars in Gaza and Ukraine which has made many countries become more wary.

“In the past we always talked about climate change, but it (the impact) wasn’t visible yet,” said Jokowi. “Now we are really feeling global warming and as a result our food production has decreased.”

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Nevertheless, Jokowi said that the Indonesian economy is currently relatively stable with 5 percent growth, which is difficult for other countries to achieve.

“When I talked with other heads of state, with the presidents, with the prime ministers, I am very proud of our economic growth which is still at around 5 percent,” said Jokowi. (un)


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